Empowering youth towards inclusion and advocacy

CMEV was able to facilitate the project ‘Assista’ (Atha Hitha), recently implemented by Enable Lanka Foundation. The main objective of this project is to facilitate resources to make youth in selected districts of the country proactive youth leaders who will work as active stakeholders to bring in solutions faced by the communities in the district pertaining to civic and political engagement, employment and inclusion. The first event took place in Galle recently and this short documentary was produced at the said event.


The Enumeration Process 2016: What You Should Know

As the Election Commission is updating the electoral register for 2016, all eligible Sri Lankans are invited to get themselves registered in this list. It is the only list which can be used for any of future election which will be conducted after the month of October 2016.

Exercise of franchise is a main civic right and the theme of this year introduced by the Election Commission is ‘The electoral process where no elector is to be left behind’. In order to make people aware of this, popular radio channel ‘RAN One  FM’ dedicated their morning show called7:17to discuss matters related to electoral registry of 2016. The National Coordinator of CMEV Mr. Manjula Gajanayake attended this program and this is the audio recording of said program.

Your Vote is Your Voice!

Your Vote is Your Voice!

Universal franchise is a civic right.
Sovereignty of people which is certified by the constitution could virtually be exercised though franchise in order to exercise franchise it is mandatory to have the name in the electoral register.

Inquire with Grama Niladhari of your area or the relevant District Elections Office if you have not received a form for enumeration of electors for your household.

It is a civic right and also a responsibility to insert names in the electoral register and to exercise the franchise.

Publications on Disability Rights

During the last Presidential Election, CMEV was able to mainstream its Election observation process, providing opportunities for Persons with Disabilities to work at CMEV office, as well as in the field as short term Election observers. At the same time, CMEV worked to Educate and inform Persons With Disabilities to exercise their right to vote while proactively engaging in the civil life without being discriminated on grounds of disability. Currently CMEV has taken a new initiative to provide Braille printing of all available main Election Acts and Regulations as well as produce booklets and other awareness material on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the role and responsibilities of Government agencies including Local Authorities, towards protecting their rights.

The two books in Sinhala and Tamil can be downloaded below;

CBM Book-Tamil

CBM Book-Sinhala

View the infographics in Sinhala and Tamil below;

CBM infographic Tamil 2016-05-20

CBM infographic Sinhala 2016-05-25


Press conference to ensure that local government elections are conducted urgently

The official term of most of the local government authorities have ended at this time. Thus, it is undoubtedly the need of the hour to ensure that local government elections are held without any further delay. However, no precise statement has so far been issued with regard to the time frame for holding elections.

CMEV held a press conference on 23rd June 2016 where relevant legal and technical aspects and other pertinent background facts with regard to the above subject was discussed.

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Additional media coverage of the event is available here: Press Coverage_CMEV.

View a video of the event here.


Residential Workshop of Election Commission

As a part of the annual training plan which is being implemented with the Election Commission of Sri Lanka, Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) is organizing a series of provincial level awareness sessions for all staff officers who are working at district offices island-wide.

The first awareness session was held at the Agricultural training Centre, Gannoruwa recently. Chairman of the Election Commission Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya, Director General – Election Mr. U. Amaradasa,  Mr. Saman Rathnayake, Additional Commissioner and several other senior officers of the Election Commission attended for this workshop.

As the Election Commission is promoting an inclusive Election in getting the involvement of all marginalized groups including Persons with Disabilities in order to create an Electoral process where no Elector is to be left behind, The National Coordinator of CMEV –  Manjula Gajanayake conducted a session at this workshop on voting rights of Persons with Disabilities and new developments of other countries in relation to this specific area.