Special Media Communique on enumeration of Electoral Register 2016

Over the past three months and 27 days, the Election Commission of Sri Lanka has been engaging in the enumeration of the electoral register 2016 in 14,022 Grama Niladhari divisions with the participation of 12,607 Grama Niladharis covering all 25 districts. Today in parallel to the conclusion of this process, CMEV presents its observations through a press release which can be downloaded here.

The English and Tamil versions of the press release will soon follow.

Principles of Electoral Systems roundtable

The objective of this event was to conduct a roundtable on election system design and the likely impact of the MMP system, with key academics working in the field. The Guest Speaker of this event was Dr. Andrew Reynolds.

Dr. Reynolds is a Professor of Political Science and the Chair of Global Studies at UNC Chapel Hill (USA). He is also a lead author of the prominent International IDEA publication “Electoral System Design” and a recognized senior international expert. He has worked for the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and a range of other prominent international institutions. He has also served as an adviser on issues of electoral and constitutional design for 27 nations including Afghanistan, Burma, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Syria, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

The Regional Manager of IFES Mr. Vasu Mohan, and Attorney At – Law, Researcher – CPA Luwie Ganeshathasan assisted in facilitating the event.

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Hashanie Chithranganie: Talk Back with Jayasiri

Hashanie Chithranganie, a Researcher at CMEV, expressed her ideas on the importance of the de-limitation process and its impact on electoral reforms in the country. She co-authored the book ‘History of the de-limitation process in Sri Lanka & a brief introduction on previous commissions’, recently published by CMEV. She has discussed on the findings of previous de-limitation commissions, the respective special features and other matters including the de-limitation review committee which has been appointed under the Ministry of Provincial Council & Local Government.

The program named ‘Talk Back with Jayasiri’ was presented by W. Jayasiri and was produced by Lanka Puvath Ltd. as per the invitation of CMEV, a project being implemented in partnership with Open Society Foundation. Lanka Puvath Ltd. is the only state news agency of Sri Lanka which was established in 1978 and is a member of the Organisation Asia – Pacific News Agencies- OANA Pool.

TALK BACK WITH JAYASIRI: LG elections delay and consequences

Mr. Manjula Gajanayake, National Co-ordinator, Centre for Monitoring Election Violence – TALK BACK WITH JAYASIRI: Centre for Monitoring Violence (CMEV) is facilitating a series of programs focusing on current political issues, giving special focus to the electoral reforms and the reconciliation processes of the country.

The National Co-ordinator of CMEV, Mr. Manjula Gajanayake attended this program and expressed his thoughts on the current situation of the delayed Local Government Elections as well as the consequences of delaying such an important election for such a long time.

He further highlighted number of weaknesses of the previous delimitation committee report on the local government elections published in gazette by the President in September last year and the unconditional importance of holding this election without any further delay. He further highlighted the importance of strengthening the newly established Election Commission with powers being vested on it to hold any election under its discretion and the importance of having a schedule of elections.