Saman Rathnayake: Talk Back with Jayasiri

Centre for Monitoring Violence (CMEV) is facilitating a series of programs focusing on current issues, giving special focus to electoral reforms and the reconciliation process of the country.
The Additional Election Commissioner of the Election Commission Mr. Saman Rathnayake expressed his ideas on the ongoing registration process of voters, strategies and innovative actions taken by the commission to accommodate all marginalized/ vulnerable groups into the election process under the theme of an ‘Inclusive Election’. Mr. Rathnayake is the focal point at the commission, with regard to matters related to Persons with Disabilities.

The program was presented by W. Jayasiri and was produced by Lanka Puvath Ltd. under the invitation of CMEV. They are the only state news agency of Sri Lanka which was established in 1978 and is a member of the Organisation Asia – Pacific News Agencies- OANA Pool.

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