Experience-sharing visit for Northern & Eastern local government officials on best practices for citizen-centered development

Title: An exposure visit with the view to share the experiences and best practices associated to local government related processes of participatory and citizen-centered governance was conducted in Passara Pradeshiya Sabha on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, as   a part of the project titled ‘’Enhancing capacities of Local Authorities and Non-State Actors to address socio-economic concerns’’ implemented by CBM in partnership with European Union. CMEV was the facilitator of this exchange visit conducted Under the theme of “Learning better  practices from Passara Pradeshiya Sabha’’ Around 50 participants who took part in this initiative from the Northern  and southern provinces were able to imbibe important best practices of citizen-centered local governance while sharing their experience in relation to the community friendly innovative service mechanism driven by Passara Pradeshiya Sabha with the assistance of Passara Citizen Council (PZC) . PZC is a prime example for the citizen based initiatives which have been formulated with the view to improving the services and facilities provided by the local government authorities towards their own communities.

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