Certificate Course on Election Monitoring for Prospective CMEV Monitors

The training on the third and fourth Modules of certificate courses for the protective CMEV Monitors was conducted on September 30 and October 01, 2023, for the first batch which included 70 prospective monitors. Participants included 36 Males, 33 Females and 01 LGBTIQ community member.

The training was conducted as a two-day residential training at TI Rathana Community Training Centre in Kottawa. The third module of the training was on Election Campaign Finance Regulations which included sessions about understanding the significance of the Campaign Finance Regulations, Present laws on regulating Election Campaign Finance in Sri Lanka, Cost calculation and monitoring methods and strategies to implement Election Campaign Regulations. The above sessions were covered by Mr D.M.Dissanayake AAL, Mr Dharmasiri Nanayakkara, former Local Government Commissioner in Western Province and Mr Thisitha Siriwardana AAL and Former Coordinator of CMEV on monitoring election campaign expenses in 2019 and 2020 elections.

The fourth module of the training was expected to provide a comprehensive understanding of the physical and digital protection of Election Observers. Sessions were conducted by Mr Shan Wijetunga, Senior Journalist and media trainer and Mr Haritha Dahanayaka, Social Media security trainer and Information Technology expert. The participants provided an extensive understanding of election observers’ safety, new trends, threats, and challenges under the physical safety topic and common
threats election monitors may face, such as hacking, surveillance, and disinformation campaigns under the digital safety topic. Further, they were provided with real-world examples of digital security breaches during elections.

225 election observers are included in the full training program which is designed with six
modules covering the most essential components for election monitoring.

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