Presidential Election 2010: Media Communiqué No. 9

13 January 2010 Colombo: Sri Lanka when considering the postal voting over the last two day period, CMEV has received a total of 27 incidents related to postal voting.

In addition, approximately 20% of army soldiers who requested votes have been rejected according to reports received by CMEV monitors, which was highlighted in our report yesterday. A further two incidents were reported from Ampara today, the first from Sandunpura Gajaba Infantry 3rd Batallion Camp where 100 persons applied for votes and only one person received their ballot, and the second from the Army 3rd Women’s Core where 163 persons applied for their vote, but only 112 received their ballots.

Full details of incidents are available in our report available as a PDF here.

Photos mentioned in the report above can be seen here and below.

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