Presidential Election 2010: Special Report on murder

16 January 2010: According to North Western Provincial Councilor Mr. Sanath Nishantha Perera (UPFA), at 3.50pm, UNP supporters had shot at UPFA supporters in front of the UNP party office located in front of the Minnas Private Hospital, Madurankuliya, Puttalam District, resulting in the death of UPFA supporter Mr. Saman Kumara of Thonigala, Anamaduwa. According to the Spokesperson of the hospital, 4 other persons had been admitted to the Puttalam Base Hospital of sustained injuries during the shooting, and 3 of them have been transferred to the Kurunegala Hospital. According Director of the Kurunegala Hospital Dr. S. Rajamanthri, the 3 injured persons are not in serious condition. Two of the victims had suffered gunshot wounds to the chest and neck. They had received emergency treatment from the Puttalam Hospital prior to transfer.

Read the full report of the murder here.

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