Special Media Release on Transfer of HQI Vavuniya Police Station

Special Media Release on Transfer of HQI Vavuniya Police Station

23rd January 2010


CMEV learnt that the HQI of the Vavuniya Police Station, Saman Sigera, has been transferred to the welfare division of the Police Head Quarters with immediate effect from 23rd January 2010.

CMEV contacted Saman Sigera on 23rd January at around 05.30 pm who said that he received a fax from the Police Head Quarters, Colombo today at around 11.30 pm instructing him to report to the Welfare Division of the Police Head Quarters with immediate effect. He further stated that no reason has been mentioned for his transfer in the fax.

CMEV contacted the police spokesman SSP I.M.Karunaratne today at around 06.15 pm and he stated that he is not aware about the transfer and he has not been informed anything regarding it by the Inspector General of Police. CMEV contacted the Police Spokesman again at around 07.30 pm and then 10.30 pm he stated that he has yet not received any information regarding the transfer.

CMEV contacted the Department of Election at about 06.30 pm an officer, who did not reveal his name, informed CMEV that all the responsible officers are in a meeting and asked to contact later. CMEV’s attempts to contact the Department of Election failed as no one responded to the telephone thereafter.

CMEV contacted DIG Lalith Jayasinghe at around 10.40 pm who instructed to contact acting DIG-Personal & Records Division, Mr.Fonseka to verify the reason for the transfer order.

At around 11.00 pm CMEV contacted DIG,Fonseka, who confirmed the transfer order and stated that HQI Saman Sigera, was transferred with the approval of the Election Commissioner. He further told CMEV that he was transferred due to the allegations leveled against him.

CMEV also received a telephone call from Paikianathan Ranganathan, UNP Vavuniya District organizer, at around 05.15 pm regarding the incident.

CMEV underscores the commissioner’s notice on 07th December 2009 regarding the appointments, transfers and promotions. According to the section 104B (4) and 104(J) of the 17th Amendment to the constitution the commissioner has the power to suspend the appointments, transfers and promotions. CMEV requests the Election Commissioner to disclose the reason for the approval of the transfer to the public to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

Read this press release as a PDF here.

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