Civilians attacked

CMEV received a complaint from Rev Ampitiye Sumanaratna Thero that a group of civilians protested that their voting rights should be ensured. They attempted to submit a petition to the President in this regard and allege that they were attacked by the Police at around 6.30 p.m. on the 19th December 2014 in front of the Batticaloa Police Station.

A group of Buddhist priests led by Rev Ampitiye Sumanaratna Thero and group of Sinhalese resettled in Keviliyamaduwa village in Batticaloa District had tried to meet President Mahinda Rajapaksha after the meeting held at Hindu College in Batticaloa on the 19th of December with the purpose of submitting a petition demanding their voting rights and a few other basic facilities. They have repeatedly requested permission to meet President Mahinda Rajapaksha. According to Rev Ampitiye Sumanaratne Thero, a request that was rejected by the police. When they tried to reach the location, irrespective of Police permission they were attacked brutally. One of the members of the group had been stripped naked and a few others have been attacked by the Police. Four members including a pregnant women have been admitted to the Teaching Hospital in Batticaloa according to the report made by Sumanaratne Thero to CMEV.

Ven Sumanaratna Thero said to CMEV that they are not in a position to make any complaint at any Police Station as the perpetrators are Police officers themselves. He further said that they are very helpless at this time and do not know what to do next.

Download a PDF of this press release here.

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