Presidential Election 2015: Media Communique 5

Download PDF of this statement here. Download this in Sinhala here.


On 27th December 2014 at 7.00 pm:

Offering letter to offer permanent jobs at Civil Security Department during the period of Presidential Election – 2015

CMEV received a complaint from a Civil Security Officer that many employees at the Civil Security Department (CSD) have been given permanent jobs effective from 19th Dec 2014. He repeatedly asked CMEV not to reveal his identity, as he believed that his job would be in jeopardy.   Further he said that thousands of civil security officers have been given letters making them permanent, after many years as temporary employees. According to him thousands of CSD officers are being used for President Mahinda Rajapaksha ‘s election campaign by making their temporary jobs permanent .

According provision no 7 of the circular issued by Department of Election on 2nd Dec 2014, no person can be offered a job in the government sector after the declaration of the Presidential Election. In the letter, a copy of which CMEV received from the complainant and is attached, it is clearly stated that this officer will come under the category of a permanent government servant effective from 19th Dec 2014. This is a serious violation of Election Law.

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