An attack on NDF party office in Erakkandi, Trincomalee

Download this press release in Sinhala here. Download it in Tamil here.


CMEV received a complaint that the New Democratic Front ( NDF ) party office located at Erakkandi, Trincomalee had been attacked. The complainant Mr. Firthous, the Secretary for Monitoring Election Activities for NDF in the Erakkandi area said that this incident had taken place at around 1.00 Am on 28th December 2014.

Further he said that 7 iron polls which were used for hanging flags of the party had been stolen. According to him one iron poll would cost around Rs. 2000/=. He also said the office decorations had been completely destroyed. According to Mr. Firthous, this is a notified party office with the approval of the Election Commissioner and Police. When CMEV contacted Mr. Firthous he was on his way to the Kucchaveli Police Station, to make a complaint with regard to the incident .

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