CPA denies producing poll

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), has denied that they compiled the recently publicised poll predicting Mahinda Rajapaksa would win the election.

Executive director of CPA, Dr. P. Saravanamuttu, told The Colombo Post that in the first instance a poll purportedly carried out by CPA was promoted online with a direct link to the President’s official website stating Rajapaksa would win. CPA at the time denied having produced such a poll.

He went on to state that on Sunday the state owned Silumina carried a front page story accusing CPA of suppressing a poll that presented Rajapaksa as a winner of the election. The article went on to further say that members of foreign diplomatic missions in Colombo had contacted CPA and instructed them to suppress such information.

Both allegations have been vehemently denied by Saravanamuttu who described the acts by members of the government as “pure acts of desperation”. He further added that all polls conducted by CPA can be accessed online.

View the article published in the Colombo Post here.

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