Parliamentary General Election 2015: Media Communiqué 03

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5th August 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka

5th August, Murder, Wattala , Gampaha District

CMEV has received a report stating that there has been a murder at 6.20am today at Rajasinghe Mawatha Wattala. An unidentified group of 3 persons had murdered Mr Mohomaed Adhiyas, supporter of UPFA candidate Mr Mohammed Nawzan.  According to the CMEV monitor, they had arrived in a green colour three-wheeler and had carried out the murder using a sharp object and also it was confirmed by one of police officials at Ragama hospital police division. CMEV can also verify that Mr Adhiyas was confirmed dead and the post mortem examinations are done by Colombo North Teaching Hospital in Ragama.

Mr. Abdul Nazaal, Son of the victim and Mr. Mohomad Abeyshan, Brother of the Victim stated to CMEV that they suspect Mr. Faiz Rizvaan, UNP former vice mayor of Wattala, Urban Council and also a supporter of UNF candidate Mr.Jhon Amarathunga. Additionally; Mr Rizvaan was in custody due to a political dispute between the victim and him, still there is a pending case for Mr Rizvaan.  Mr Nazal said his father was an active supporter of UPFA.

Mr Nawzan, in a statement to CMEV, has stated that the victim was one his closest supporters and he even affirmed that Mr Rizvan and the victim had frequent political disputes. Furthermore, he stated that the court is hearing the case and he speculates that Mr. Rizwan had a fear of being the perpetrator of the case.

When CMEV contacted Mr. Rizvaan, he refuted the charges against him and he said he was taken into custody due to a quarrel that happened between them two years ago that case is still pending in the court.

After contacting Mr. Lakmal, Ragama hospital police confirmed that the murder was conducted using a sharp object.

CMEV made an inquiry from Mr. Bandara (89107), a Police officer of Wattala Police station, who confirmed the incident and further stated that this had taken place due to a personal matter that erupted due to the trial.

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