Parliamentary General Election 2015: Media Communiqué 06

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9th August 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mentioned below are instances of the major cases of election related violence that were reported late to CMEV, which had occurred on the 5th and 6th of August. Additionally one major case which was reported on the 7th of August has also been included in this release.

05th August 2015- Threat, Intimidation and Assault, Kegalle

It was reported to CMEV that 2 unidentified individuals have forcefully entered a campaign office of JVP candidate Mr. Mohammed Hilmi in Beliganwana, Mawanella at around 7.15 P.M. The perpetrators had worn full-face helmets and had damaged cut-out that were in the office and order Mr. Hilmi to remove his remaining campaign material. The two individuals had also pushed Mr. Hilmi who had fallen and hit his head; he was admitted to Mawanella hospital with minor injuries.

A complaint has been lodged at the Mawanella Police station under EIB- 28/23 and according to Mr. Kodithuwakku IP, investigations had been commenced.

When CMEV contacted Mr. Hilmi, he said that he suspects both UNP and UPFA supporters of the area were linked to the attack.

05th August 2015- Arson Attack, Kegalle

It was reported to CMEV that a party office of candidate Mr. Kanaka Herath has been destroyed by a group of unknown individuals at around 6.30 A.M. The office was located near Hiriwadduna Bridge in Rambukkana had been burnt down and a can of petrol has been found at the location.

According to Mr. L. Gunaratne SI, a complaint has been received by the Rambukkana Police station under EIB 6/2015.

06th August 2015- Threat and Intimidation, Ratnapura

It has been reported to CMEV that a supporter of the UNP has threatened Mr. W.D Sirisena and his family. The perpetrator Mr. Jagath Jayashantha had arrived at Mr. Sirisena’s residence and said that he would burn the house should Mr. Sirisena vote for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the UPFA.

CMEV found out that this type of incident had occurred before, however unlike in previous instances a complaint had been lodged at Kiriella Police station under CIB/01/193/46.  When CMEV contacted Mr. Gunasena SI, he confirmed the incident and the commencement of                                                                                                      investigations.

06th August, 2015- Election Offence, Trincomalee

It has been reported to CMEV that a group of independent candidates have been arrested by the Kantalai Police station while forging ballet papers. The accused Mr. Wickramaarachchi Nishantha Wickramaarachchi will be produced to Kantale magistrate courts under B-308-2015.

06th August 2015- Election Offence, Kandy

It was reported to CMEV that 2 supporters of UPFA candidate Mr. Anuradha Jayarathne have been arrested while pasting posters by the Ankumbura Police at around 4.00 P.M. They have had 3813 posters with them and are to be produced to Kandy Magistrate court, under B-35267/15. Following the hearing the courts had assigned a personal bail or Rs. 100,000 to each of the perpetrators.

When CMEV contacted the Kandy election operational unit they confirmed that the 2 supporters Mr. Jayaratne has been arrested along with 3813 posters, 12 t-shirts, 08 caps and 36 boxes of matches which displayed the candidates image and the candidate number.

07th August 2015 Election Offence, Puttalam

It has been reported to CMEV that Mr. Thangarajah Thusitha Kumara supporter of UPFA candidate Mr. Chinthaka Amal Mayadunne has been arrested by a the Police Special Task Force while transporting campaign material in  a Lite Ace Van (52-2154) at around 1.00 A.M. The accused was produced beforeef  Puttalam Magistrate courts under B/16202 and has been released.

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