Clarifications from Nimalka Fernando and Sudharshana Gunewardene

CMEV received the following from Ms Nimalka Fernando and Mr Sudharshana Gunawardene respectively, in response to the CMEV report of 7th August 2015. CMEV publishes them below:

The following is from Ms Nimalka Fernando

It is regrettable to note that a complaint has been logged in your website with my name
as Executive of INFORM (including Sudarshana’s) as violating election laws.

a) Before this complaint was keyed into your complaint list a verification should have been
made re the details. Verification was not made.
b) I am NOT an Executive of INFORM
c) I am NOT a monitor(not in any list) nor am I a member of the Election Monitoring Committee of MDL and is representing MDL  for General Election 2015 monitoring process. We have our own internal rules in MDL re these matters and regulations.

d) The complainant obviously has given you a biased report. I did participate in a meeting convened by the Jathika NGO Sammenalaya as a member of the Advisory Council appointed by the Prime Minister to explain to NGO representatives re the removal of circular issued by the MOD and assure them of `freedom of assembly and association’ as per ensured in our Constitution.
f) I have also informed the Election Commissioner I am involved in field work promoting Yahapalanaya and not to panic about me violating election laws.

The following is from Mr. Sudharshana Gunewardene

I am also writing this with regard to the report appeared in your website. I regret that my name has been mentioned in the report without making an effort to make a clarification from me, as I have violated the election law by speaking at a meeting organized by the UNP.

I support the facts mentioned in the letter sent to you by Dr. Nimalka Fernando with regard to the nature of the meeting.

I also state that I have participated in the above mentioned meeting in my capacity as a member of the advisory committee to the National NGO secretariat appointed by the hon. Prime Minister who is also the minister of policy planning and economic affairs.

I further state that this was not a meeting organized by UNP or any other political party.

I further state that I deny the allegation that I have addressed the above mentioned meeting, let alone criticizing Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse.

Therefore, I would like to kindly request you that you make a correction to that report by stating your report was incorrect. If you still stand by on your report then I request an inquiry be held on this regard which I am willing to take part.

Thank you.

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