General Election 2015: Election Day Communiqué 01

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Polling in the Parliamentary Election 2015 commenced at 7 am. According to the reports received by CMEV, as at 11.00 a.m. on 17th August 2015, polling has been steady and without hindrance in most areas of the country. CMEV, however, received some reports of incidents of violations of election laws, details of which are given below.

As at 11.00 a.m., CMEV recorded a total of 126 incidents. Of these, 30 incidents have been categorized as Major Incidents while 96 have been categorized as Minor Incidents. Nine (9) incidents relate to the presence of party supporters in the vicinity of polling stations.

One such report is of UNP supporters at Thambuttegama Thammenagama Community Centre polling station 62 at around 8.00 a.m. at Rajina Junction, Thambuthegama, Anuradhapura District influencing voters in favor of UNP candidates Mr. P. Harison and Mrs. Chadrani Bandara.

CMEV received a number of reports related to the ink used to mark fingers of voters.  There were complaints of the ink fading even before voters could cast their votes. A total seven such incidents have been recorded by CMEV from Kurunegala (Polling Stations 25, 26, 27 and 28), Mullathivu (Polling Station 13), Vavuniya (Polling Station 36) and Vanni (Polling Station 85). CMEV has informed the Election Commissioner about these complaints.

It was reported to CMEV that UPFA Vanni district candidate Mr. Udayarasa has pressured voters to vote for him. This incident occurred at the Sidambarapura Nagarosa Vidyalayam polling station73 in Vavuniya electorate, Vanni District.

A CMEV field monitor has been threatened by JVP candidate Mr. Dunuwilage Bandulasena traveling in a vehicle with the JVP symbol, in front of the Pathberiya Narada Maha Vidyalaya polling station 67, Ehaliyagoda, Rathnapura at around 7.30 a.m.

CMEV received a complaint about the lack of privacy in the polling booth – one such complaint was received about the Community Development Centre Hall polling station 31, Badulla Electorate.

CMEV also received a complaint that there was no privacy to cast votes due to the presence of SPO, K.M.G. Samaranayake at the Wattaram Thenna Urban Community Hall Polling Station 16. This incident occurred at around 8.40 a.m., Kandy.

It was reported to CMEV that the CMEV Day Observer has been asked by the SPO to refrain from his monitoring duty at the Galpottawala Thilakashrama Temple Preaching Hall polling centre 32, Ambalangoga. This has occurred at around 8.00 a.m. and the observer has happened to stay away around 25 minutes.

Additionally, there have been reports about unsolicited text messages and the distribution of campaign material in and around polling stations including:

Near the M/Prithukudiyiruppu Government Tamil mixed school polling centre 09, UNP candidate Rishad Badiurdeen’s supporters have scattered campaign material in the area from Konarpanni to Puthukudiyirrupu.

A bulk of calendars and stickers of ITAK Jaffna District candidate Mr. Sritharan have been dumped in the Holy Tamil Convent 10 polling station, Jaffna Town.

Leaflets and other election material of United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) Candidate Mr. R.G. Samaranayake were scattered around the Teldeniya National School polling station 35.

Campaign material (leaflets) depicting UNP candidate Mr. Ashoka Priyantha (No: 4) and UPFA candidate Mr. Dayashritha Thisera (No: 03) are scattered in the vicinity of the Thalvillagala primary school, Thalvillagala polling station – 55, Nattandiya, Puttalam.

Leaflets of UPFA candidate Mr. Chandima Weerakkodi of Akmeemana electorate are scattered about 50m away from Meegoda Sarvamithra Primary school polling station 66, Akmeemana, Galle.

Leaflets with the beetle leaf symbol and marked for UPFA candidates numbers 8 and number 9, Mr. Dumindu Dayasen Ratiyala and Mr. Duminda Dissanayake respectively at St. Joseph’es College Hall Number 1 (49) and Hall number 2 (47).

CMEV Monitoring

CMEV deployed a total of approximately 4,000 monitors in the field and in polling stations for the purpose of monitoring incidents of violence and malpractice on Election Day. Further, CMEV has deployed 75 mobile teams in selected areas across the country. Additionally, 90 observers have been placed in 18 Electoral Districts to conduct monitoring inside counting centres, while a team of 21 foreign observers has also been deployed as part of CMEV’s monitoring effort on Election Day.

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