Election Regulations and CMEV reports in accessible formats

Voter AwarenessPGE 2015 report with Braille


Since the inception of the organization, CMEV has been working to mainstream the voting rights of marginalized groups, by mainly taking part in the Electoral reforms debate.  During the last Presidential Election, CMEV was able to mainstream its Election observation process, providing opportunities for Persons With Disabilities to work at CMEV office, as well as in the field as short term Election observers. – PGE 2015 report with Braille

At the same time, CMEV worked to Educate and inform Persons With Disabilities to exercise their right to vote while proactively engaging in the civil life without being discriminated on grounds of disability. Further, CMEV in partnership with the Election Commission distributed relevant voter awareness material in accessible formats. Currently CMEV has taken a new initiative to provide Braille printing of all available main Election acts and regulations. – Voter Awareness (1)

Further, CMEV in partnership with a group of civil society organizations and individuals promoting the rights of Persons With Disabilities, including volunteers from the 2015 ‘Enabled Elections’ made a submission to the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms, to be brought to the attention of the Constitutional Assembly, in promulgating a new Constitution for the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. It has been a landmark collective effort as such a submission on the political rights of Persons with Disabilities was made for the first time in political history. In the same time, Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms had been included several proposals made through the submissions.

Currently CMEV has got its final report of the Parliamentary General Election 2015 in Braille printing, along with other important documents. Those who wish to refer the said documents, please contact Tharuka Karunarathne on 0754302423.

Read this release in Sinhala here – ශ්-රි ලංකාවේ මැතිවරණ ක්-රියාවලියට – බ්-රේල් මුද්-රණයෙන් නිකුත් කිරීම.