CMEV Supports the Campaign of Youth Organizations requesting more Youth Involvement in Nomination Lists.

Though there are many positive features of the newly introduced election system for the local government election through the Local Government Election (Amendment) Act No.22 of 2012, one of the prominent concerns in the principal Act was abolishing the youth quota which was introduced in 1990 by Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Act No.25 of 1990 which required representation of 40% of youth candidates in the nomination lists.

This was recommended on the report of the Presidential Commission on Youth issued in 1990 which was under the Chairmanship of Prof. Lakshman Jayathilake.

 It is a critical concern for numerous organizations especially for organizations working for and maintaining youth networks. They have come forward with campaigns seeking ways in which leaders from political parties could maintain a considerable proportion for youth candidates in their nomination lists. One of the youth networks working island wide, known as LYON Sri Lanka  visited CMEV to discuss this matter and strategically plan their campaign in order to effectively request more youth candidates into the nomination lists

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