Limitations on Campaign Finance and Disclosure of Assets and Liabilities: University Discussion Series – Second Event

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence is critically engaging with the election observation process in Sri Lanka while simultaneously contributing to the electoral reform process in the country. As part of all these functions, CMEV has initiated a series of discussions with the intention of enhancing an island wide public discourse on “Limitations on Campaign Finance and the Disclosure of Assets and Liabilities” in partnership with International Idea.
Centre for Monitoring Violence (CMEV) organized a series of discussions in national universities and few other universities which has the accreditation of University Grant Commission. This is the second event of the programme series and this was organised in partnership with the Department of Legal Studies at the Al Mustafa International University recently.
Chair of the Panel in this discussion was Mr. Ghazzali Hussain, Commissioner of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and other Panelists were Mr. Manjula Gajanayake National Coordinator of Centre for Monitoring Election Violence while the Moderator was, Mr. Rameez Basheer, Attorney At Law
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