Empowering women activists through voter education – Rathnapura District Programme

Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) initiated a voter education programme called ‘Provincial Council Elections Voter Education and Outreach Programme’ with the support of USAID-DAI (SDGAP). The main focus is to invoke awareness for women candidates who are willing to contest in the next provincial councils elections to be held island-wide. CMEV is planning to conduct a series of district-level awareness workshops inviting selected prospective candidates across the country.

The Fifth   in this series of workshops was conducted in  Rathnapura  District at Samudiya Hotels Reception Hall  on 14th September 2018. Over 50 women activists including women members of Local government, active supporters of political parties and women CSO leaders attended in this one day awareness training. CMEV organised this event in partnership with Rathnapura District ”Savibala Purawesi Sanvidhanaya”.


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