Election Commission issues first official notice on Local Government Election 2018

Putting an end to the continuous postponement of the much awaited Local Government election, the Minister of  Provincial Councils and Local Government has signed the gazette notification on constituting the number of members to Local Government bodies.

The said gazette has already been sent to the government printing department for publication. The first council that ended the 4 year term was Batticaloa Municipal Council which was in the year 2012.

The terms of all the Local Government Bodies have reach their end from time to time starting from the month of march in the year 2012, accordingly it was in the year 2015 that the last remaining councils concluded the terms. Therefore the Sri Lankan electors have been waiting for an opportunity to cast their votes to select their local representatives under the newly introduced system of elections which is a mix system comprising of 60% and 40% from FPPT and PR respectively.

According to the notice issued by the Election Commission, the consideration has been given to the possibility of holding the election at a date between 20th to  31st January 2018.

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