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Regular audio updates / podcasts of our election monitoring and incidents reported from the field in English, Sinhala and Tamil are now live here.

These updates can be downloaded as MP3s for broadcast, listened to online, embedded on any website and social networking platform, emailed or easily linked to. Special incidents will also be covered in these updates, and to help reduce the burden on our monitors, journalists are strongly encouraged to use this feed as their primary channel of regular soundbites from CMEV.

Hand grenade attack in Jaffna on election day

CMEV received information regarding a hand grenade attack to the residence of Subramaniuam Sharma, SLFP Uduppidi coordinator by two unidentified persons on motor bikes at around 3.30am today. Map location here.

Read CMEV’s full press release on this incident here and as a Sinhala PDF here.

Audio update in English here.

Field Visit to Jaffna, Killinochchi & Vavuniya

This report can be downloaded in full as a PDF from here. Read it in Tamil here.

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) conducted a field visit to the Jaffna, Killinochchi and Vavuniya districts from 17-19th January 2010 to monitor the situation prior to the 26th January Presidential election. CMEV met with residents of the area including those who had recently returned, internally displaced person (IDPs), civil society groups, agencies and government officials.

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Presidential Election 2010: Media Communiqué No. 15

This update released 18 January 2010. Read it in Sinhala here.

North Western Province

Murder in Kurunegala

According to Mr. Manjula Bandara (son of Member of Parliament and UNP Organizer for Wariyapola Ms. Amara Piyaseeli), between 12.30am and 1.00am this morning, Mr. Dhammika Herath (also known as Manju) was beaten to death by supporters of Minister of Rural Industries & Self-Employment Promotion S.B. Navinne. Mr. Herath was pronounced dead on arrival at the Wariyapola Hospital, and the body has been sent to the Kurunegala Consultant JMO Dr. H.M.K. Senanayake for the postmortem. According to Dr. Senanayake, the postmortem has been concluded, and the cause of death has been established as damage to the spinal chord as a result of a blow to the back of the neck. He added that the body also contained 7 bruises.

According to eyewitness information received by Dr. Senanayake, the assailants attacked the group, during which one person fell to the ground, and the assailants fled the scene subsequently. The fact that Mr. Herath had passed away was noted only while taking him to the hospital.

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Presidential Election 2010: Media Communiqué No. 13

CMEV has received information of a shooting at the UNP party office near the Minnas Private Hospital, Madurankuliya, Puttalam District at approximately 3.50pm. According to the spokesperson of the Puttalam Base hospital Mr. Saman Kumara of Thonigala, Anamaduwa has died as a result of his injuries, while 4 other persons were also admitted to the hospital. 3 of these persons were transferred to the Kurunegala Hospital. The party affiliations of the victims as well as the shooters remain unknown at the moment.

Read the full report here.

Presidential Election 2010: Special Report on murder

16 January 2010: According to North Western Provincial Councilor Mr. Sanath Nishantha Perera (UPFA), at 3.50pm, UNP supporters had shot at UPFA supporters in front of the UNP party office located in front of the Minnas Private Hospital, Madurankuliya, Puttalam District, resulting in the death of UPFA supporter Mr. Saman Kumara of Thonigala, Anamaduwa. According to the Spokesperson of the hospital, 4 other persons had been admitted to the Puttalam Base Hospital of sustained injuries during the shooting, and 3 of them have been transferred to the Kurunegala Hospital. According Director of the Kurunegala Hospital Dr. S. Rajamanthri, the 3 injured persons are not in serious condition. Two of the victims had suffered gunshot wounds to the chest and neck. They had received emergency treatment from the Puttalam Hospital prior to transfer.

Read the full report of the murder here.

Presidential Elections 2010: Field Visit Report, December 2009

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) visited selected areas of the North and East from 22 -25 December 2009 to identify the issues pertaining to the voter application process for displaced persons, the availability of required identification documents and the general context in which the campaign is being conducted. CMEV met with Government officials, political party representatives, leading civil society actors including religious leaders, the media, academics, and displaced persons.

  • CMEV notes with concern the number of applications – 31,758 – received by the Department of Elections as of 28th December. This figure could be lower since some applications may be rejected. CMEV calls on the Election Commissioner to ensure that every displaced voter who is registered in the 2008 Electoral Register will be able to vote. Considering the issues and confusion pertaining to the application process and given the assurances by senior election officials, CMEV urges the Election Commissioner to issue a special notice to the displaced voters enumerating the application procedure and requisite voter identity documentation, thereby ensuring that neither of these factors will inhibit the fullest exercise of the franchise by displaced persons. CMEV also urges the Commissioner and election officials to make sure that the displaced voters are aware of the location of cluster and special polling centres through their Grama Niladharis and Camp Officers.
  • CMEV calls on the media and civil society organizations to assist the Commissioner’s office as well as through initiatives of their own, on voter education.
  • CMEV calls upon the Commissioner and colleagues to establish an effective mechanism in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Transport Board to assure proper transportation facilities for displaced voters. CMEV urges the line ministry to consider this as a matter of priority and recommends that the Election Commissioner establish a special committee to look into the transportation arrangements.

Read the full report in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Southern Provincial Council Election 2009: Interim Report

8th October 2009: CMEV has recorded a cumulative total of 95 incidents since its commenced monitoring. Of the total of 95 incidents, the number of Major incidents have gone up to 26 while 69 incidents have been categorized as Minor. The highest number of Major incidents have been reported from the Galle district – 14 out of 26. The total number of incidents reported to CMEV from the Galle district is 45.

For full report and details of these incidents, download the CMEV Interim Report.

Eastern Provincial Council Elections, May 2008 – Recommendations of CMEV

  • The conduct of the election clearly reinforces the urgency and pivotal importance of implementing the 17th Amendment to the Constitution in full.  This entails the reconstitution of the Constitutional Council and its nomination of members to independent commissions, including commissions for the Police, Elections and Public Service – all of which have key responsibilities for the conduct of free and fair elections.
  • The serious problems observed by monitors regarding the conduct of the Police and officials responsible for the conduct of a free and fair election demands this.
  • Political parties need to ensure that their Polling Agents are present in the Polling Stations and are not deterred in fulfilling their responsibilities by threat, intimidation and assault prior to Polling Day and on Polling Day.
  • The procedures agreed upon with regard to Voter identity and the required documentation with regard to this, must be clearly communicated to the officials in the Polling Stations and strict implementation ensured. IDs required for voting must be such that they cannot be easily forged.
  • Given the violence and malpractice that takes place outside of the Polling Station and the impact it has on the exercise of the franchise, procedures must be put in place to ensure that reports of these violations are taken into account when considering whether annulment and re – polling is necessary.
  • Steps should be taken to ensure that the detailed reports of election observers/monitors stationed in Polling Stations can be received by their organizations in time to be communicated to the Election Commissioner, before the counting of votes commences.