Whose entitlement are elections?

The number of elections held so far since the country gained universal suffrage is 74 and we have a very formal mechanism for holding elections. However, some electoral reforms that need to be introduced immediately to ensure a more effective electoral process. Thus, the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV), as one of the active election observation bodies in the country, will hold an online discussion on some of such electoral reforms. The discussion will be based on the last two national-level elections held in the country, Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. Therefore, please visit the ASIAN Mirror Youtube Channel or CMEV Facebook page at 6.00 pm on the 19th February 2021 as shown below to extend your active participation.

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PODCAST: CMEV Press Briefing on Presidential Election

A press briefing was held by CMEV today at the JAIC Hilton around the monitoring operations for the Presidential Election, which will be held on 8th January 2015. Recordings of the briefing are embedded below. Please note that the Q&A segment doesn’t always pick up the question posed to the panellists. Their answers however give a strong indication on what was asked of them.

The four tracks cover the press briefing in English by Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, in Sinhala by D.M. Dissanayake and in Tamil by Mani Maran.

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu on Joint Open Letter by the Main Election Monitoring Groups

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu on the Joint Open Letter by the Main Election Monitoring Groups sent to leaders and Secretaries of all political parties contesting the Uva Provincial Council Election 2014 and the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

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See recording of Skype call below

Listen to podcast below.

English podcast update on major incident of the afternoon

CMEV headquarters, 21 September, 6 pm

Reporting of Major incidents reported between 12 noon and 4pm. Among major incidents which include threats and intimidation, one major incident was recorded from Mullaitivu district where ITAK polling agent Asaikkappal Poobalan and his wife Poobalan Indra, a PAFFERAL day observer ‘s house was burnt down completely today between 2.30- 3.00pm.

CMEV Preidential Election day monitoring audio updates now live!


Regular audio updates / podcasts of our election monitoring and incidents reported from the field in English, Sinhala and Tamil are now live here.

These updates can be downloaded as MP3s for broadcast, listened to online, embedded on any website and social networking platform, emailed or easily linked to. Special incidents will also be covered in these updates, and to help reduce the burden on our monitors, journalists are strongly encouraged to use this feed as their primary channel of regular soundbites from CMEV.

“Large scale impersonations, intimidation and widespread violence” – Interview with Sunanda Deshpariya (in English and Sinhala)

Interview with Sunanda Deshapriya of the Free Media Movement (FMM) which is part of the CMEV, conducted at around 7.20pm today. Sunanda was in the East heading some of the CMEV monitoring efforts and was still in the field when this interview was conducted. 

Listen to his interview streamed in English here or download as a MP3 file by clicking this link

Listen to his interview streamed in Sinhala here or download as a MP3 file by clicking this link