Parliamentary General Election 2015: Media Communiqué 02

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02nd August 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka, at 1630 hrs

As of 2nd August 2015, CMEV has recorded a total of 402 incidents of election related violence and malpractices.  Of these, 71 have been classified as major including 5 incidents involving the use of fire -arms. Minor incidents have been recorded at 331. The highest numbers of major incidents have been reported from the Jaffna(10), Gampaha(7) and Digamadulla(5) Districts respectively.

Below are a sample of the major cases of election related violence reported to CMEV between the 27th and 30thof July 2015.

27th July, 2015- Arson Attack, Kurunegala

Campaign offices of the UPFA in Katugampala and Kurunegala were set fire to by UNP supporters. The perpetrators have been identified as Mr. D.M Anura Nuwan Kumara, Mr. D.A Dinesh Sampath Kumara and Mr. Padmakumara Premalal who had set fire to a cut-out of Mr. Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. Furthermore, it is reported that these perpetrators had assaulted an eye witness who has been admitted to Makadura hospital with minor injuries. The incident was reported to CMEV by UPFA Katugampala organizer Mr. Gamini Siriwardena.

A complaint has been lodged to the Pannala Police station, under EIB 3/9/288 and according to Mr. M.N Vijitha Kumara P.C, the accused have been arrested and will be produced before the Kurunegala Magistrate Courts under complaint B14/33.

28th July, 2015- Threat, Jaffna

A report was received alleging that the UPFA Jaffna district candidate and President of Teacher Association, Mr. Supramaniyam Subadeesan threatened and coerced the association teachers to participate in his meetings. It has been reported that he threatened the teachers with dismissal from their jobs if they did not comply. The complaint was reported to CMEV on the grounds of anonymity by a teacher who claims to have been threatened by Mr. Subadeesan.  The latter dismissed the allegation against him.

28th July 2015- Assault, Kandy.

It was reported to CMEV that Mr.  K.G Samantha Thilakarathne a supporter of UNP candidate Mr. R.G Samaranayake, had assaulted Mr. D.G Gayan Udaya at No.118 Bule Muhuna, Menikhinna, at around 7.30 pm on the 28th of July.  Mr.Gayan, told CMEV that the incident had occurred due to an argument between Mr. Gayan’s father and Mr. Thilakarathne.  Elaborating on the incident he said that the assault occurred due to Mr. Thilakarathne forcing Mr. Gayan’s father to transfer his support to Mr.Samaranayake.

CMEV contacted Mr. Gamini Herath, SI, of Menikhinna Police station who stated that Mr. Gayan had logged a complaint (EIB-41/8/2015) and that further investigations were under way to collect evidence.

28th July 2015-Assault, Batticaloa

Mr. K.M.A Irfan, election coordinator of UNP candidate Mr. Sifly Farook, of the Earavur electorate was allegedly assaulted by Mr. Naleem and Mr. Kaleem. The assault took place at Mr. K.M.A Irfan’s residence at No.25 Ayurweda Hospital Road, Michnaar Earavurat around 1 am.

When CMEV contacted Mr. Irfaan, he said the incident has occurred after Mr. Naleem and Mr.Kaleem had been refused the coordinators position that he currently holds, by Mr.Farook.

Mr.Farook speaking to CMEV said the incident was due to a personal financial dispute between both parties and not related to his election activities. By contacting Mr. Wijewickrama, OIC of Eravur Police station, CMEV was able to confirm Mr. Farook’s statement and receive confirmation of the complaint, CIB 92/282.

28th July, 2015- Assault, Digamadulla.

CMEV received a report that a supporter of UNP, Mr. M.A Saleem was assaulted by 8 UPFA supporters who were under the influence of alcohol. Of the 8 individuals, 3 have been identified as Mr.Nifras, Mr. Raswan and Mr. Rasool. The incident occurred at around 5.00 pm at Mr. M.A Saleem’s shop in Arasayadi, Akkaraipattu and a finger on the victim’s left hand was fractured in the assault.

After the incident, supporters of UNP candidate Mr. Daya Gamage had arrived at the location and directed Mr. M.A Saleem to lodge a complaint with the in Akkaraipattu police, case number EIB/49/73.  When CMEV contacted Mr. Ibrahim I.P, of the Akkaraipattu Police station, he said that the accused had not been apprehended and that a case had been filed with the Akkaraipattu Magistrate’s courts under B/8110.

When CMEV contacted Mr. Saleem, he said that he was assaulted by supporters of UPFA candidate Mr. A.L.M Athaullah.  However, when CMEV attempted to contact Mr. Athaullah, his coordinator Mr. Baheej responded by rejecting the allegation and stated that he was unaware of the incident. Furthermore, he said that Mr. Raswan, one of the accused, was an independent candidate with no connection to Mr. Athaullah.

28th July 2015- Threat and Intimidation, Puttalam.

UNP candidate Mr. Ashoka Priyantha was threatened with a sword by Mr. Harinda Lakmal Silva, a supporter of the same party. According to Mr. Priyantha, the incident occurred when he visited his campaign office after he was informed that his cutout near the premises had been vandalized by Mr. Lakmal.

When CMEV followed up with the Marawila Police station Mr. S.I Jayanath OIC, stated that Mr. Priyantha has lodged a complaint in this regard at around 2. 15 a.m. under EIB 37/66 and that Mr.Lakmal had been taken into custody.

29th July, 2015- Damage to Property, Senkadagala

CMEV has received reports that M. Saleem, supporter of UNP candidate Lakshaman Kiriella was attacked by an unidentified group at around 12.45 A.M at his residence in Divingama, Ampitiya. His house and shop were damaged in the attack and the losses are valued at around Rs. 50,000. According to the reports Mr. Saleem, promptly informed the incident to 119, however, the police officer to whom  CMEV spoke to said the victim was reluctant to lodge a complaint as he was unable to identify the perpetrators involved in the attack.

29th July, 2015- Assault, Diagamadulla

UNP supporter Mr. Simmi Marikkar Ameen was assaulted, allegedly, by 2 UPFA supporters, Mr. M.H Aslam Nusky and M.A Risky in Samanthurai, Digamadulla. The assailants had threatened Mr. Ameen, warned him to refrain from engaging in any campaign activities and said that should he persist he would face bodily harm.  A complaint has been lodged with the Akkaraipattu Police station under EIB/ 5480.When CMEV contacted Mr. Ibrahim I.P, Akkaraipattu Police station he said the alleged perpetrators were yet to be apprehended and further investigations would be carried out in order to find them. A case has been filed in Akkaraipattu Magistrate courts under B-43888 in relation to this incident.

30th July 2015- Abduction, Akuressa

A supporter of UNP candidate Mr. Sagala Rathnayake was allegedly abducted at around 3.30 a.m. by supporters of UPFA candidate Mr. Manoj Sirisena while pasting posters in Akuressa, Diyalape. It is reported that the kidnapped is Mr. Chamara, the driver of the three-wheeler (QH-1812) and that two others who were passengers had escaped.

When CMEV contacted Mr. Niroshan Jeewantha, one of the individuals that fled the scene, he confirmed the incident and elaborated on what had happened. He said that while pasting posters they had seen a group of about 20 people approaching them in a double cab (PW-2969) and on 04 motor bikes and when Mr. Chamara was captured they had chosen to flee and go directly to the Akuressa Police station. Mr. Jeewantha said that by the time he reached the police station the police were about to leave for the location of the alleged kidnapping and that the police had been able to take 6 individuals into custody.

When CMEV contacted the Akuressa Police station, OIC Mr. Abeywickrama conformed Mr. Jeewantha’s claims and identified the perpetrators as Mr. S.P.L.S Madushanka, Mr. U.N Kumanayake, Mr. M.R.P.M Ranaweera, Mr. J.E Samarasingha, Mr. A.W.K Madushanka and Mr. A.W.A Buddhika, all of whom have been remanded.

In contacting Mr. Sirisena, he stated that the above incident was not related to him or his campaign and that it was due to a personal argument between both parties. These remarks were denied by Mr. Saagala Rathnayake.

30th July, 2015 Misuse of State Resource, Borella, Colombo

CMEV received a report of the construction of a stage at Ward Place obstructing the road to Borella, Colombo, by the UNP at 10 am on the 30th of July. The Borella junction had experienced a sever traffic block as a consequence and the road has also been damaged by the erection of iron poles.

When CMEV contacted the Borella Police station, OIC Mr. Prageeth Lakmina said that UNP Borella organizer Mr. Jayantha Silva has obtained permission to set up the stage. This was in addition to instructions issued by the Mayor of Colombo Mr. J.H Mussamil, who had informed the police in writing to grant permission for this propaganda activity. A complaint has been lodged with the Election Operations Unit and the Assistant Election Commissioner’s Office.

30th July, 2015- Misuse of State Resources, Puttlam

CMEV received a report that JVP candidates Mr. Samantha Korala Aarachchi and Mr. B.M Ranmanika have conducted a meeting for the minor staff and distributed fliers at Puttlam Hospital, despite the objections of Ms. Maari Stenant Dinusha Fernando, the medical superintendent of the hospital. Ms. Fernando has lodged a complaint with the Chilaw Police.

According to Chilaw Election Operations Unit OIC Mr. H. Amarasinghe, the accused have been arrested and produced in the Chilaw Magistrate court under B/744/15. The accused had posted bail of a Rs.100,000/= each, and are to be summoned to courts on the 27th of August 2015. When CMEV tried to contact JVP General Secretary Mr. Tilvin Silva’s office to clarify the information, he was unavailable for comment

Parliamentary General Election 2015: Media Communiqué 01

Download this communique as a PDF here.


01st August 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Center for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) officially commenced monitoring of the incidence of election violence and malpractice in the 2015 General Election. Since the start of the nominations period on the 6th of July, CMEV has deployed around 200 field monitors including 22 district coordinators. Furthermore, CMEV has established 9 provincial desks operated from the CMEV head office in Colombo to collect and analyse the information that is in turn corroborated and made available to the public. Additionally, a group of around 30 foreign observers will be deployed a week prior to Election Day to work in partnership with local CMEV monitors.

A number of incidents have been reported to CMEV, in spite of the efforts by the Election Commissioner who has repeatedly informed candidates of the penalties to be faced if election laws are breached.

As of 31st July 2015, CMEV has recorded a total of 322 incidents of election related violence and malpractices.  Of these, 61 have been classified as major including 5 incidents involving the use of fire -arms. Minor incidents have been recorded at 261. The highest numbers of major incidents have been reported from the Jaffna (10), Gampaha (4) and Digamadulla (3) Districts respectively.

Details of some of major incidents reported to CMEV since end of nominations period are mentioned below.

27th July 2015- Use of Firearms, Paduwasnuwara, Kurunegala

Mr.J.A Dinesh Kumara, supporter of UNP Kurunegala district candidate Mr.Thushara Indunil, was threatened with firearms by Mr. Y.M Sapumal Ruwan Kumara and Mr. S.A Darshana Sampath, supporters of UPFA candidate Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekara at around 12.30 am at Detiyamulla Junction, Hettipola. According to Mr. Dinesh Kumara, the incident happened while he was on his way to Mr. Thushara Indunil’s office. The vehicle he was travelling in was blocked by three other vehicles and it was then that Mr. Sapumal Kumara approached Mr. Dinesh Kumara’s vehicle with a gun and threatened him. Reacting, Mr. Dinesh Kumara said he had snatched the gun from Mr. Sapumal Ruwan Kumara’s hand and proceeded to the Hettipola police.

OIC Hettipola Police Mr. S.N. De Soyza IP, confirmed that Mr. Dinesh Kumara has lodged a complaint pertaining to this incident and had handed over the weapon to the police as evidence. Vehicles bearing number plate 53-6676 (Dolpin Van), 54-7133 (Double-Cab) and NWKC 7790 (Suzuki Swift) were reported to have been used in the incident and the two suspects have been produced before Hettipola Magistrate under B425/15 and were subsequently released on personal bail.

Attempts made by CMEV to contact Mr. M Sapumal Ruwan Kumara and Mr. S.A Darshana Sampath pertaining to these charges, were not successful.

26th July 2015- Coercion and Threat, Kekirawa, Anuradhapura

It was reported to CMEV that the wife and mother of Mr. Sapumal Senanayake, Coordinating Secretary of Anuradhapura District UNF candidate Mr. P. Harrison, were threatened and intimidated at his residence around 8.50 P.M at ‘Sri’ Aluthwewa, Galkiriyagama in Anuradhapura.  It is alleged that a group of 5 to 6 unidentified individuals arrived at Mr. Senanyake’s residence when he was not at home and demanded that they be permitted inside. When his wife and mother questioned them regarding their purpose the group had said that they had come to kill Mr. Sapumal. Moreover, when the ladies had refused them entry and asserted Mr. Sapumal was not at home, they had tried to break into the house, but were unsuccessful. Afterwards they allegedly damaged the property by throwing sand and mud at the walls.  Mrs. Senanayake believes the perpetrators were supporters of the North Central Provincial UNP Member, Mr. Chandima Gamage.

Ms. Niluka Nilmini Senanayake, wife of Sapumal phoned in the incident to Galkiriyagama Police and the police visited the location that night. However, OIC Galkiriyagama Police, Mr. Prasanna Welikala IP, told CMEV that they had not received a complaint with regard to this incident. He stated that Mr. Sapumal had however lodged a complaint regarding a threatening telephone call, which he had received on the 23rd July 2015, three days before this particular incident.  When CMEV inquired as to why a complaint had not been lodged regarding the incident on the 26th , Mr. Sapumal responded that he chose not to lodge a complaint with regard to this incident as he wished to refrain from making accusations that would taint either Mr. P. Harrison or Mr. Chaminda Gamage.

24th July 2015- Misuse of Public Property, Avissawella, Colombo.

It was reported to CMEV that the former UNP Seethawakapura Municipal Council Chairman Mr. Susil Premalal Pinthu has used physical and human resources belonging to the Municipal Council for campaign purposes on 24th July 2015. According to reports, he had conducted door -to -door canvassing with the aid of minor staff and industrial section staff belonging to the Municipal Council. Mr. Susil Premalal Pinthu was unavailable for comment on these allegations.

Ms. Shashika Devapriya, Secretary of Municipal Council confirmed to CMEV that 75 employees had not reported to work on the mentioned day and some had even taken leave. Furthermore, she said that the industrial section employees who are paid a daily wage would not be paid if they had not reported for work.

Mr. Geethanajan Gunawardena, the local organizer for the UPFA accepted that these allegations were most probably accurate. An eyewitness Mr. Anura Obeysinghe, an independent candidate, also confirmed these allegations to CMEV.

23rd July 2015- Assault, Illukwatha, Kandy

Democratic Party supporter Mr. Weerasinghe Mudiyansalage Saman Dissanayake of the Kandy district was allegedly attacked by an unidentified group of people around 11.00pm at Muruthalaw, Illukwatha. The CMEV monitor in the area said that Mr. Dissanayake was admitted to the Kandy General Hospital ward No. 10.  When CMEV spoke to Peradeniya head of election operations Mr. C.I Kanangara, he stated that they had received a complaint and that investigations were underway. When CMEV sent monitors to the hospital to inquire after Mr. Dissanayake, he was not present and attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.

22nd July, 2015- Assault, Kandy

An unidentified group broke into the main campaign office of the UNP candidate Mr. Rauf Hakeem at No. 258, Katugasthota Road, Kandy and assaulted Mr. Salaheer who is the candidate’s coordinating officer and Mr. Dananjaya Bandara a supporter of Mr. Hakeem around 7.30 pm on 22nd July 2015. Mr. Salaheer has received medical treatment for minor injuries from the Kandy Hospital. Speaking to CMEV he said the group had first damaged cut outs stored at the office and attacked Mr. Bandara and himself. CMEV was unable to contact Mr. Hakeem for comment.

Speaking to Mr. Kularathne IP, of the Katugasthota Police station; he stated that investigations were underway to collect further evidence pertaining to the identity of the perpetrators.

21st July 2015-Threat and intimidation, Medirigiriya, Polonnaruwa

Mr. W.P. Chaminda Kumara and his wife, Ms. G.G.S. Kumari, supporters of the UPFA, received death threats from a group of UNP supporters affiliated to Polonnaruwa District candidate Mr. Nalaka Kolonne. According to reports, the group was travelling in a white TATA Cab decorated with stickers of Mr. Kolonne around 1.30 am on 21st July 2015 and according to Ms. Kumari, they were under the influence of alcohol and armed with swords and batons. During the verbal confrontation that followed the death threats, the group had damaged the temporary campaign office next to the house of the UPFA supporters. When fleeing the scene, the group reportedly stole flag -poles from the campaign office.

One of perpetrators has been identified as Mr. Chinthaka and the complaint regarding the incident has been lodged at Medirigiriya Police under EIB 06/28. CMEV contacted Mr. N.P.S. Jayalath (IP) of the Medirigirya Police Station who confirmed the incident and stated that proof pertaining to the incident has been produced to Higurakgoda Magistrate under complaint B 594/15.

21st July 2015- Assault, Batticaloa

Mr. Selladurai Arasaratnam, UPFA candidate in Batticaloa was allegedly assaulted by Mr. Tharmarajah Pradeeban a supporter of TNA candidate Mr. Karunagaran. According to reports received by CMEV, the incident occurred at about 11 pm on the 21st of July 2015 at the residence of Mr. Selladurai Arasaratnam in the presence of his family and supporters.

When CMEV contacted Mr. Selladurai Arasaratnam, he stated that 4 individuals at 11.00 pm hurled verbal abuse at him and threw rocks at his home. When one of the perpetrators Mr. Pradeeban, attempted to scale the gate and enter the garden, he was restrained by supporters of Mr. Arasaratnam.  The latter, in turn, had contacted the police.

Mr. Karunagara, stated that his supporter had been kidnapped while travelling home with food, assaulted and then handed over to the police who had not realized that he was the victim as opposed to the perpetrator. When Mr. Pradeeban, was contacted by CMEV, he stated that he had lent his vehicle to Mr. Karunagara and after coming home he had been curious as to the noise coming from his neighbour’s home which happened to be Mr. Selladurai Arasaratnam and it was at this point that he was hit by a chain which rendered him unconscious prior to being apprehended by the police.

In speaking to the police to clarify these varying accounts, they confirmed that Mr. Pradeeban had been taken to hospital prior to being processed. They also confirmed that the Batticaloa Magistrate Court had assigned a personal bail of Rs. 100,000, which had been settled. Mr. Pradeeban was released from custody.

19th July 2015, Threat and Intimidation, Yatiyantota Electorate, Kegalle

Mr. Irajarathinam Isurajan of Ceylon Worker’s Congress (CWC) of Yatiyantota electorate and his sister, Ms. Irajarathinam Shiromi were awakened from their sleep, threatened and intimidated by Mr. Sanjeewa Abeykoon UNP opposition leader of Yatiyantota Pradeshiya Saba and three of his supporters. The incident occurred around 11.00 pm. Ms. Shiromi has identified Mr. Sanjeewa Abeykoon among the perpetrators.

A complaint was lodged at Seethawakapura Police division, under NCR 10/81-2015 by Ms. Shiromi.  Mr. Nishanka SI, officer in-charge of election affairs at Yatiyantota Police station confirmed that a complaint was received from Ms. Shiromi the following day. The police had informed both parties to be present at the police station at 12.30 pm for mediation the day after the incident. CMEV field officers were informed by the plaintiff, Mr. Isurajan, that Mr. Abeykoon had not been present for the mediation process, as per the directives of the police.

17th July 2015, Misuse of state resources, Kelaniya Electorate, Gampaha

It has been reported to CMEV that Gampaha district candidate Mr. Prasanna Ranaweera of UPFA has used public property for election campaigning and propaganda purposes. He has used the reception hall belonging to Kelaniya Pradeshiya Saba to conduct a meeting with his supporters at around 10.30 am on 16th July 2015. Furthermore, under the guise of the dengue eradication program he had conducted house-to-house visits the following day.  It has also been reported that he continues to use office stationery, appliances, and employees of the local authority for campaign activities in addition to the vehicles owned by the local authority.

When CMEV contacted Ms. Nelum Kumari, Secretary of Kelaniya Pradeshiya Saba she said that payment had been made for the use of the reception hall. However, she admitted that employees are participating in his campaign after office hours. When contacted by CMEV, Mr. Prasanna Ranaweera denied all allegations regarding the misuse of public property.


16th July, 2015- Threat and Intimidation in Kilinochchi, Jaffna

CMEV received a complaint by an independent group candidate Ms. Annaluxmi Wanasudan, affiliated to group 06 that she was threatened by a group of 3 individuals on three occasions. She said that they introduced themselves as CID officers and has tried taking a photograph of her. Further, when attempting to question her they had failed to produce any identification. Ms. Annaluxmi told CMEV that one of the individuals was known as Mr. Ramesh, who when contacted admitted that he is not a CID officer but an army officer. A complaint has not been lodged with the police regarding the incident.

14th July 2015, Assaulted, Mahiyangana Electorate, Badulla.

It was reported to CMEV that UPFA candidate, Uva Provincial Minister Mr. Anura Vidanagamage and his supporters assaulted Mr. Hemantha Warnasooriya, the brother of Mr. Nishantha Warnasooriya. He had clashed with Mr.Vidanagamage near a guest- house owned by Mr. Nishantha Warnasooriya` in Soraborawewa around 4.30 pm on 14th July 2015. Mr. Hemantha was admitted to Mahiyangana base hospital with minor injuries following the incident. He confirmed to CMEV that he lodged a complaint with the Mahiyangana Police who when contacted by CMEV stated that it was a private clash that had been successfully settled. Police refused to provide details of the complaint. CMEV was unable to contact Mr. Anura Vidanagamage for comment with regard to this incident.

14th July 2015, Assault, Damage to Property, Threat and Intimidation, Kalawana Electorate, Ratnapura

It has been reported to CMEV that UNP opposition leader of the Kalawana Pradeshiya Sabha, Mr. Shanaka Molligoda, has assaulted UPFA candidate, Mr. Priyantha Athukorala.  The dispute begun when Mr. Athukorala arrived at his campaign office at the Kalawana CTB bus stand – which has been confirmed to the CMEV as being illegal- after he was informed that his cutout were removed and destroyed by Mr. Molligoda and his supporters.  This occurred at around 10 pm and according to Mr. Athukorala it was at this point that he and his supporters were assaulted and shot at by the UNP supporters.  The shooting also damaged his vehicle.

According to Mr. Meril Rupus Silva, UNP supporter present during the incident, they were preparing the premises for a meeting with Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe on the following day. He confirmed that it was UNP supporters who had removed Mr. Athukorala’s cut-out, as it was located in front of the stage which was being constructed.

Following a complaint made by Mr. Athukorala at Kalawana Police station, case CIB 02, the police had taken into custody Mr. Dasanayake Pathirana, a UNP supporter, who had been the main perpetrator in the assault on Mr. Athukorala.  According to Mr. Athukorala, UNP supporters had gone to the Kalawana police station and forcibly released Mr. Pathirana from custody. When CMEV contacted the Kalawana police to clarify the allegation they stated that this situation had arisen due to a private dispute and no individual had been arrested.

On being contacted by CMEV, Mr. Rohan Dias DIG, Sabaragmuwa Province he stated that three police officers including Mr. Gayan Buddhika OIC, were suspended as a result of this incident. CMEV was unable to contact Mr. Molligoda .


13th July, 2015- Threat at District Secretary Office, Matara Electorate, Matara

CMEV has received reported of an incident where Mr. Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, Mr. Dullas Alahapperuma and Mr. Chandrasiri Gajadeera have been allegedly threatened by Mr. Dikkuburage Suraweera a supporter of Minister Managala Samaraweera while they were leaving the Matara District Secretariat after handing over their nominations. The incident occurred around 10.30 am in front of Districts Secretaries Office. The incident was confirmed by the CMEV monitor who was at the scene. Mr. Dullas Alahapperuma has lodged a complaint against Mr. Dikkuburage Suraweera at the Matara police station (EIB 01)

11th July, 2015, Assault of UNP supporters, Galigamuwa Electorate, Kegalle

It was reported to CMEV that Rambukkana UPFA provincial council member Mr. Kanaka Herath and his supporters allegedly assaulted Mr. Janaka Bandara, a UNP supporter. The incident happened at around 7.00 p.m. on 11th July, 2015 at “NASEVANA” restaurant, Pindeniya in the Galigamuwa Electorate.

According to Mr. Bandara, the assault occurred after he was accused of covering all of Mr. Kanak Herath’s posters with the posters of Mr. Kabir Hashim. Mr. Bandara said that Herath supporter Kosala had attacked him and when he attempted to flee another supporter by the name of Kumara, had hit him with a pole across his left shoulder. He said after the incident he had lodged a complaint at the Pindeniya police station.

CMEV operations and output

CMEV has been involved in monitoring election related violence and malpractices in all national, provincial and majority of local government elections since 1997. Monitoring of election related violence and malpractices of General Election 2015 is also started with an improved data collection and information dissemination mechanism advanced with modern communication techniques.

Download the graphics below as PDFs in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

The Last Local Government Elections under the Old System

A petition filed by two refugees residing at the Menik Farm, challenged the holding of the elections of Pudukuduirippu and Maritimepattu Pradeshiya Sabha’s, which was to be held on the 8th of October 2011. Considering the petition, the Appeal Court issued an injunction order. The cases were withdrawn since the Northern Provincial Council Election in 2013, and the Presidential Election this year were held in Pudukuduirippu and Maritimepattu. Finally the Election Commissioner has decided to hold this election on 28th February 2015.

Brief Information on the Election:

Eligible Voters: Pudukuduirippu – 29,269 , Maritimepattu – 23,489.

Polling Stations: 45 in Pudukuduirippu, 50 in Maritimepattu.

Contested Parties – Pudukuduirippu Pradeshiya Sabha: Illankai Tamil ArasuKachchi (ITAK), United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), United National Party (UNP), Nawa Sama Samaja Party (NSSP), Puravesi Peramuna and one independent group.

Contested Parties – Maritimepattu Pradeshiya Sabha: Illankai Tamil ArasuKachchi (ITAK), United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA), United National Party (UNP), Puravesi Peramuna, JanathaVimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC)

No. of Candidates:

Pudukuduirippu Pradeshiy Sabha – 72

Maritimepattu Pradeshiya Sabha – 90

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) was formed in 1997 by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), the Free Media Movement (FMM) and the Coalition against Political Violence as an independent and nonpartisan organization to monitor the incidence of election related violence. Currently, CMEV is made up of CPA, FMM and INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre.

Our contact details are for the Local Government Elections:-

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu Co-Convenor-CMEV
(+94) 777731458 (Direct)

Mr. ManjulaGajanayake– National Coordinator
(+94) 772298565

Mr. Mani Maran- Field Coordinator
(+94) 77247608

Presidential Election 2015: Post Election Communiqué 02

Download this press release in Sinhala here or as a PDF in English here.


14 January 2015      

At present CMEV has recorded a total of 45 incidents with 27 major incidents and 18 minor incidents in the post poll period. The rise in such incidents is worrying and CMEV urges the President and the law enforcement officers to take immediate action to prevent further incidents and to bring the perpetrators of those detailed below, to book.

13th January petrol bomb attack in Galle

It was reported to CMEV that a house belonging to Minister Sajin Vass Gunawardena in Ambalangoda Thuduwa Mulla had been attacked. According to the security guard who was there at the time, three petrol bombs had been thrown at the house at about 8. 45 pm which caused damages to the walls and windows of the house. A police complaint has been filed at the Ambalangoda Police Station in pages 78, 79 and 80. Speaking to CMEV, Mr Gunawardena stated that this type of violence must be stopped.

12th January residence stoned in Polonnaruwa

CMEV received a complaint from the Polonnaruwa Electorate where the residence of D.R. Asanthika Munaweera, a supporter of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) living at 15/19C, Udawela Nawanagaraya was stoned at about 2 am. According to the victim, she and her two children had been at home at that time and her mother’s house which was also nearby, had been stoned.

11th January attack in Polonnaruwa

According to the CMEV monitor in Polonnaruwa, a group of people had broken into the house of D.M. Leelawathi and K.M. Karunarathne, supporters of New Democratic Front (NDF), at about 1.30 pm and attacked and wounded the residents including their two sons. The assailants had arrived in motorcycles carrying metal rods and attacked the four people in the house. Both parties suffered injuries in the fight that ensued, with one of the sons of the victims Sunil Premaratne (aged 32) rendered mute after severe head injuries. The victims have been taken to the Polonnaruwa Hospital while the assailants were taken to Welikanda Hospital for treatment. A police complaint was filed by Mr Karunarathne at the Welikanda Police Station under CIN 01 355/57. In the complaint, they have accused several people namely, Rukman, Chamara, Vikum, Manjula, Asanka and Chaminda who are known to be supporters of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA). According to the CMEV monitor, this incident had followed a dispute that took place on the day before the Presidential Elections (January 7th) when the victims had been engaged in campaign activities supporting NDF and the assailants had confronted them.

11th January UPFA supporter’s house burnt in Chilaw

It was reported to CMEV that the residence of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) supporter Uruliyagamage Bandula had been burnt at about 10 30 pm by United National Party (UNP) supporters led by UNP Pradeshiya Sabha member Lalith Ananda. A police complaint has been filed at the Madampe Police Station under MCR 66/62.

11th January UPFA supporter’s house burnt in Rakwana

Another incident of a house being set on fire was reported to CMEV from the Rakwana area. The house belonged to United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) supporter Lionel Fernando who suspects supporters of New Democratic Front (NDF) to be responsible for it. He has filed a complaint at the Rakwana Police Station under MOIB 138/62.

11th January attack in Kandy

CMEV received a complaint of an attack on Supun Pushpakumara, spokesperson for United National Party (UNP) who was threatened by Pradeshiya Sabha member K. Rajanayaka (a supporter of UNP). According to Mr Pushpakumara, the assailant and his followers had arrived at his house in two cabs and called out to him. When he went outside to meet them, they had beaten him and left him in a nearby ditch. He had filed a police complaint at the Galaha Police Station under MOB 363/21.

11th January UNP convoy attacked in Kandy

An assault in Pathadumbara in Kandy to a convoy led by opposition leader United National Party (UNP) A.G. Wijethunga was reported to CMEV. The convoy consisting of 1 bus, 10 three-wheelers and 4 lorries, had been leaving a meeting addressed by President Maithripala Sirisena when it was attacked. According to Mr Wijethunga, about 30 supporters of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Pradeshiya Sabha member, U. S. Prasanna had halted the bus and attacked it. 9 individuals had been admitted to the Jambugaspitiya Hospital and later transferred to Peradeniya Hospital. A police complaint had been filed under CIB 11169/130. CMEV was informed by the Wattegama Police Station that three suspects were arrested and that 8 persons were receiving treatment at the Peradeniya Hospital.
11th January UPFA office stoned in Madirigiriya, Polonnaruwa

A CMEV monitor in Polonnaruwa reported an attack on a United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) office in Polonnaruwa by a group of unidentified people at about 1 pm. Damages include the destroying of UPFA cutouts.

11th January residence stoned in Polonnaruwa

The stoning of a residence in Polonnaruwa by a group of unknown people at about 11.30pm, was reported to CMEV. According to the resident Anuradha Sandamali who is a supporter of United People Freedom Alliance (UPFA), the house had been repeatedly pelted with stones which caused damages to the house. A police complaint had not been filed.

11th January Tar attack in Anuradhapura

It was reported to CMEV that the residence of N.M Nawaratna Banda who is a United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) supporter (No 530, Hurulu Nikawewa, Galenbinduna Wewa) had been damaged by a tar attack by unknown people at about 2am.


10th January attack in Gampaha

CMEV was informed of an attack in Ja Ela when 10 – 12 vehicles had been driven to the residence of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) supporter Sunith Gunasekara and assaulted his wife and mother. A police complaint had been filed under CIB III 107/135 at the Ja Ela Police Station and in it, the suspect is identified as United National Party (UNP) Urban Councillor Anju.


10th January threat and intimidation in Kandy

It was reported to CMEV that Prof. Sujith Nissanka’s life had been threatened by four unidentified people who had arrived in a double cab at the Kandy Sokanchi Primary School at about 7.30 pm. Prof Nissanka had predicted the victory of President Maithripala Sirisena in a TV programme on Sirisa TV recently. A police complaint had been filed under 119 CIB 314/11.


9th January threat and intimidation in Polonnaruwa

It was reported to CMEV that the residence of A.G. Dilani Gaya Sanjiwani, a supporter of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) was broken into by a group of people who had threatened the residents. A police complaint had been filed at the Aralaganwila Police Station under EIB 251/53 and in it, a person known as Dharmarathna, a supporter of New Democratic Front (NDF) has been named as a suspect.

A similar incident took place on the same day at the residence of Dugganaralage Biso Manike, a supporter of United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), when a group of unidentified people had broken into their residence at about 9.45pm and caused damages to property including doors and windows. A police complaint had been filed at the Aralaganwila Police Station under EIB 258/55.

8th January polling agents attacked in Gampola, Kandy

It was reported to CMEV that three polling agents on duty at the Mountain Temple Building Polling Station in Gampola had been attacked by United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Urban Councillor Dharshana Nayanatharanga and supporters. The three individuals S.G.H.M. Jayalal, S.L. Bandara and S. Prasad Kumara were attacked soon after the ballot boxes were ready to be taken to the counting centres.