Manjula Gajanayake’s Interview on V FM Radio concerning the new local government election system.

Manjula Gajanayake, National Co-ordinator of CMEV together with Rohana Hettiarachchi, Executive Director of Paffrel were invited to speak on Siddahamulla, a popular morning talk show hosted by V FM on weekdays.
Both of the representatives discussed the special features of the new election system to be put into practice at the upcoming local government elections and also concerning on the method that will be followed to select representatives within this new system. Furthermore in the discussion, they unveiled the strategies and plans of their election observation process to be implemented in the forthcoming local government elections and also conferred the role of voters in this specific election.
Listen to the full interview here.

Manjula Gajanayake – Interview on ArtTV’s ‘Public Space’

Manjula Gajanayake, National Co-ordinator of CMEV, was invited to attend the programme ”Public Spacce” that’s aired weekly on ART TV which is a platform where current topics are discussed. Mr. Gajanayake spoke about the special features of the new election system which will be put into practice at the next local government election and about the method that will be used to select the representatives within this new system. Furthermore, he unveiled the observations of CMEV regarding the perceived reasons for the delay of the long-awaited Local Government Election and who are the responsible parties for the said delay.

Q&A with the Chairman of the Election Commission

The local government elections that is due to be held in the near future has given rise to numerous critical issues in the political sphere for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the uncertainty of the date of elections and secondly, the different definitions and interpretations’ which are made, based on the new law which will be adopted in commencing the said elections.

The next local government elections will be held in accordance with the new Act introduced in the year 2012, as the Act no 22 of 2012 Local Government Election (Amendment). Since there are several amendments introduced by the parliament related to this act, and due to the way in which the whole country has been divided in line with this law, the actual situation is misunderstood by the general public.

In order to shed light on some of the confusing facts related to aforementioned issues, CMEV has formulated and presented this questionnaire with the answers of Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya.

In this interview he has taken all the prevailing issues and basic details pertinent to the new law into consideration. Furthermore, he has explained the steps taken by election commission leading up to the election with the intent of clarifying the doubts arisen with the allegations leveled by various civic engagement groups and political parties regarding the lack of proactive engagement visible in fulfilling the role of the Election Commission in commencing the LG elections.

Download the document here.

Manjula Gajanayake – Interview on RanOne FM’s ‘7.17’

Manjula Gajanayake, the National Co-ordinator of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence, was invited to share his views and insights on the upcoming Local Government Elections and the current situation of Provincial Councils elections, at  the radio talk-show ‘7.17’ aired on RanOne FM. 

Listen to the interview in full here.

In this programme, Manjula Gajanayake highlighted various issues pertaining to the postponement of 2 elections:  namely Local Government and Provincial Council Elections. Though the minister of local government and provincial councils Mr. Faizer Mustafa stated that the Local government elections can be duly held during the month of January 2018, the relevant ministry is yet to fulfill basic requirements  such as publishing gazette notification on the constituency of new local government authorities as LG elections to be held under new electoral system. And this time, the members will be increased in number as twice as the previous times in comparison due to the introduction of new electoral system which is a mix of FPPT and PR. Meanwhile, government has introduced a new electoral system to the provincial councils which is known as mix system that’s comprising. of 50% each of PR and FPTT.

However he also emphasized that  the hasty manner in which these changes were made is contradictory to the principle of representative democracy. One of the salient issues observed in the process of approving the relevant bill is that the government has not allowed the general public to scrutinize and to create any public debate with this regard.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the promises made by the line minister regarding the dates of local government elections were not true and hence it is difficult to have faith on the remarks he has been making in relation to the dates of elections.

Another important point he made during the interview was that the government is required to take appropriate measures to use the existing delimitation commission without setting up separate delimitation committees with the participation of political party members. One can’t deny the fact that the government has used previous delimitation committees to postpone the elections.

The Enumeration Process 2016: What You Should Know

As the Election Commission is updating the electoral register for 2016, all eligible Sri Lankans are invited to get themselves registered in this list. It is the only list which can be used for any of future election which will be conducted after the month of October 2016.

Exercise of franchise is a main civic right and the theme of this year introduced by the Election Commission is ‘The electoral process where no elector is to be left behind’. In order to make people aware of this, popular radio channel ‘RAN One  FM’ dedicated their morning show called7:17to discuss matters related to electoral registry of 2016. The National Coordinator of CMEV Mr. Manjula Gajanayake attended this program and this is the audio recording of said program.