Over 6,000 observers at polling stations

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) yesterday said that more than 6,000 static observers will be stationed in polling stations on the election day.

According to CMEV media coordinator Anuradha Guruge, about 45 officers are stationed at the Elections Secretariat to conduct further follow up investigations on all reports, contacting the relevant parties including witnesses, health officials and police stations and verifying the authenticity of claims during the 2015 general election.

“Furthermore arrangements are made to deploy 75 mobile groups from Colombo to various locations across the country as necessary,” Guruge said.

The 200+field/district monitors will organise an equal number of mobile visits to polling stations. The CMEV expects to cover 65-70 per cent of polling stations across the country.

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CMEV signature campaign in Badulla

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence, as a member of the March 12th Movement (M12M), is organising a signature campaign in Badulla today. The vehicle parade of M12M has approached Badulla after a long march. And many of the religious / CSO / Political leaders are putting their signatures at this very moment at the function being held at Badulla town. The objective of this campaign is to obtaining 1 million signatures and to submit it to all political leaders, to put pressure on them requesting, not to give nominations to unsuitable candidates.

Signature campaign in Badulla_1 Signature campaign in Badulla_2 Signature campaign in Badulla

Campaign finance reforms essential – CMEV

The hot topic these days is electoral reforms. Each and every political party is concerned with the electoral reforms and many proposals have been brought in. One of the major election monitoring bodies, Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) Technical Advisor D.M. Dissanayake, speaking to Ceylon Today, expressed views about these proposed electoral reforms.

Read the article in full here or download a PDF of it here.

Statement on elections poll falsely attributed to CPA

5 January 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) is aware that a poll purportedly done by CPA projecting the results of the Presidential election is being circulated in the mainstream media and online. It first appeared on a Facebook page called “We vote Mahinda Rajapaksha” which is linked to the official website of the incumbent. Furthermore, the edition of the Silumina on Sunday (4thJanuary) claimed that since the poll showed a Mahinda Rajapaksha victory, CPA deliberately suppressed it.

CPA issued a disclaimer in the first instance and wishes to point out that in one instance we are supposed to have published the results of a poll projecting a Mahinda Rajapaksha victory and in another suppressed it!

It is clear that those behind this misinformation are very keen to have CPA validation of their work and objectives.

CPA wishes to state that this is NOT a CPA survey and that the results of any CPA survey have NOT been suppressed on the grounds, as implied, that they are disappointing and not in line with the supposed political objectives of the organization.

The results of CPA surveys can be accessed on the CPA website.

CPA denies producing poll

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), has denied that they compiled the recently publicised poll predicting Mahinda Rajapaksa would win the election.

Executive director of CPA, Dr. P. Saravanamuttu, told The Colombo Post that in the first instance a poll purportedly carried out by CPA was promoted online with a direct link to the President’s official website stating Rajapaksa would win. CPA at the time denied having produced such a poll.

He went on to state that on Sunday the state owned Silumina carried a front page story accusing CPA of suppressing a poll that presented Rajapaksa as a winner of the election. The article went on to further say that members of foreign diplomatic missions in Colombo had contacted CPA and instructed them to suppress such information.

Both allegations have been vehemently denied by Saravanamuttu who described the acts by members of the government as “pure acts of desperation”. He further added that all polls conducted by CPA can be accessed online.

View the article published in the Colombo Post here.